To Whom it May Concern:
Our 18 year old atrium was beginning to leak and show signs of wear and age. The caulking was beginning to look ugly and spotty at best. Greenhouses etc. was recommended to my wife and me by a General Contractor friend who said they had shown experience, quality and reliability on other jobs he’d seen, plus the latest knowledge of energy savings materials and assembly techniques. When we retained Greenhouses etc., they came out to the job site and took measurements and presented me with a bid, that never wavered or changed from the beginning of the project to the end.
To say the work was excellent would be an understatement. Steve engineered our new Atrium with the latest materials for energy efficiency. In the summer when it gets warm, a thermostatically controlled glass panel opens and creates a venturi effect throughout the house, cooling it down even more. And above all… no more leaks… a water tight, elegant and easily maintained atrium ceiling. We were very, very impressed and satisfied.

Jim and Barbara Girard

Boise Idaho

We had a custom home built and moved into it September 2008. It has about a 500 ft2 of South facing greenhouse built on the 2nd floor over a walk out basement. We contracted it through a local contractor here in Salt Lake City. While the installer was congenial, he was not competent and was never able to make our greenhouse / sunroom water tight. He returned numerous times, but what we ended up with was a glass room covered with caulking that continued to leak and ruin our house. We ultimately made contact with the manufacturer in Washington State and asked them for a recommendation for an individual they knew to be competent.
Greenhouses, Etc. was recommended to us. We called, and they very quickly made a trip down from Boise, Idaho. They arrived with a truck and trailer with all the tools, parts, and equipment necessary to fix our sunroom. We found Steve to be very knowledgable and personable, but most importantly, we found him to be an expert in greenhouses and sunrooms. He soon determined what some of the issues were and took the time to completely go over it and make all the necessary corrections. While he had planned on it only requiring a few days, the needs were so great that it took more time.
He was very generous with us in his charges and we feel he actually undercharged us based on the number of days and amount of work it took to do the job. We have been through several heavy snow storms and several rains with no leaks!! Steve is a real professional: A professional in experience, adequate equipment, and a most likeable person. I don’t think we could have had a better experience with him. We can recommend him without reservation with full confidence that he will do a professional job at a reasonable cost and that your personal experience with him will be pleasant!

Tom and June Kerby

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yes, the greenhouse looks great! I love it. Thanks for the quick, clean job! On-lookers were impressed, according to the feedback I received.

Robin B.

Boise, Idaho

The benches are all in and operating.  Thanks so much.

They are woking great and just what I needed.  Thanks again.

Kathy W.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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