Nothing can surpass the Beautiful Innovations and Solar charm of a classic Victorian Conservatory. With their elegant lines and exquisite detail, these structures are the ultimate extension between your living space and the Beautiful Natural Environment around you. Our Victorian Conservatories offer a truly beautiful space to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Here at Greenhouses, Etc., we custom design each Victorian Conservatory Room specifically to your design criteria. We offer all painted aluminum or beautiful wood interior rooms. We build each and every room to meet the local building codes of your specific area and climate. Each room we build is designed to take on any weather your specific location can throw at it including the most intense Solar Energy, the heaviest of snow loads or even the strongest winds. Our Victorian Conservatories will withstand even the most brutal of outdoor environments while retaining an unmatched level of craftsmanship, detail and beauty just as their old-fashioned English Counterparts. We have Innovations in both Wood Interiors and Painted Aluminum interiors with Baked Enamel paint to handle the Harshest of Conditions. They truly are designed and built to stand the test of tme. Adding a Beautiful Victorian Conservatory is one of the easiest and Innovative ways to add value and square footage to your home or property while gathering a bit of that GREEN Solar Energy. We have many traditional designs to choose from either attached or freestanding or, our Innnovative staff can design something specifically to blend with your home or office architecture. There are many design elements to add charm and beauty to your Victorian Conservatory and you may choose from decorative corners and corner posts, ridge crests and fineals, gutters, columns and moldings, transom bands and windows, doors, you name it, we have it – each element can give your conservatory its own individual look and unique feel. There are also many Innovations in accessories from climate control systems, motorized roof systems, side vents, windows, Solar shade systems, etc. that can enhance YOUR Victorial Conservatory. Greenhouses, Etc.’s Experienced Staff can custom design a Victorian Conservatory to fit any structural or decorative need. Choose from our very popular Standard Models. Please allow us the opportunity to design a custom Victorian Conservatory just for your needs today. Call us at 888-244-8009 or send us a quick email and we can start bringing your dreams to reality.