Pool Enclosures

Greenhouses, Etc. and Pool Enclosures, Etc. offers swimming pool enclosures and spa enclosures in many different price ranges. We carry the Nations finest pool enclosures as well as a few products from across the pond. The versatility of our pool enclosure line gives us the ability to create pool enclosures and spa enclosures where virtually anything imaginable is possible! Available to our customers are high quality pool enclosures ranging from simple glass structures, retractable roof structures with folding glass walls to completely retractable units. With Innovative features like these, our pool enclosure clients achieve the swimming pool or spa enclosure that best fits their lifestyle. We would be honored to build a pool enclosure that works with the way you use your pool or spa and adds charm and beauty to your home. There is no reason to own a pool or spa only to use it a few months a year because Mother Nature runs you indoors. Here at Greenhouses, Etc., Pool Enclosures, Etc. we all love Mother Nature, but there are just some times when Mother Nature and your pool need to be kept apart! Your pool stays sparkling clean too! Please give us a call at 888-244-8009 or send us an email to find out how easy it is to begin using your pool or spa all year long!

Featured Pool Enclosures:

  • North Carolina, Solar Structures
  • National Greenhouse Company
  • Custom Designed Structures